Erotic Art



Wow, this is one seriously talented artist! From sci-fi to dominatrixes he covers a wide range of topics but they are all extremely sexy. They had me not sure whether to hide behind the sofa, or dive into the action!

Take a closer look. If you're anything like me be prepared for wet panties though. Or to be on the safe side, take them off first. I have to tell you, I ruin more like that than get ripped apart by monsters. And I always have to pay for them one way or another. You have been warned!

About the Artist
By - Midnite -

Welcome to My new site

Herein I'm going to be putting in my favorite comics that I've created over the years and that I will be continuing onward with in the years to come. I will also be adding other things such as animations and movies as they become available.

As a comic creator for the last 12 years, I have had the great fortune to work with a number of people who've been very helpful to me on the way up, and I have been commissioned to create comics on many prominent websites such as: Renderotica, Helpless Heroes, HipComix, HipBondage, Actionbabe Gold, Actionbabe Central and i-comix. The latter three sites I myself created. I'm looking to take the best of those comics, as well as some new ones and put them in here for you all to enjoy.

There will be lots of awesome nude babes, hot women in bondage, x-rated sex scenes, pinups, and animated interactive comics, along with some other animation and original movies.

I hope you can join in the fun and interact with the site and send your feedback to me. I'm creating this site for my fans - so whatever they want - that's what goes in here.



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